Mark Faggiano
Entrepreneur / Web Technology

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Mark Faggiano

Web Technology Guy

  • Founder, Brand5 2004 - Present
  • Boston College, 1996
  • Uinversity of San Diego, 2002
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Quick Bio

I quit corporate life in 2000 and became an entrepreneur. Life is too short to have a boss.

Since then I started 6 companies. Some have succeeded, some not so much. The last two were Beelya (acquired in 2010) and FileLater (also acquired in 2010). Each step of the way I learned invaluable lessons about how to build and grow a successful business on the web.

My time is split between Brand5 helping other companies succeed and building new companies on the side.

My work is a blast. I love what I do


  • La Jolla, CA
  • (781) 405-8236

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